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Snowflake Ball canceled

By Jasie James

Staff Writer

The Snowflake Ball at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School, set for Jan. 15, has been canceled. Sharman Sanders, student government sponsor, stated in an e-mail that, “The Webster Student Council is however working on the idea for an attendance sock-hop for the month of February. The details are not finalized yet.”

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January Creative Writing Contest


I picked this particular poem because I thought it to be very dynamic while yet being poetry in its simplest form. The poem captures the simplicities of life and the wishes of everyday people, and at the end Manns brings those wishes to reality by disclosing where she inhabits them. 

We are always looking for Creative Writing pieces to feature! The next deadline is Feb. 12. Please e-mail entries to Contact Ms. DeOrnellas in room 160, or Artra W. Rice, with questions.

 If Only
 By Dazmine Manns 
If only
If only
our dreams would come true,
if the big open sky would always stay blue.
If only
If only
I would light like the moon,
and soften cool breezes would play a sweet tune.
If only
If only
the tree tops would sing,
if the blue birds could whisper sweet words that would please.
If only
If only
the clouds wouldn’t cry,
the shore would come rushing with no question why.
If only
If only
our waters were gold,
if hidden dark secrets would stay untold.
If only
If only
our nights weren’t so dark,
if the angels could light my ceiling with stars.
If only
If only
our grasses were sweet,
I could dance with no shoes on the soles of my feet.
If only
If only
if only you were to know,
this is my Heaven,
A place I call home.

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Webster’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Ashley Aguero

Staff Writer

Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School students are kicking off the year with a few New Year’s resolutions.

Will Harrison, a 17-year-old Webster junior, said that his New Year’s resolution was to never make a New Year’s resolution again. “I think it’s dumb because no one ever says what they’re going to do,” Harrison said.

John Redfearn, also a 17-year-old Webster junior, said that his New Year’s resolution was to no longer drink pop. He plans to carry his resolution out by avoiding pop and drinking water instead. “It was a choice that will make me healthier!” he said.

Jamye Rowe, a 17-year-old Webster junior, also is striving to be healthier. Rowe said that her goal was to do yoga. “But right after class I think I’m going to head to the vending machine to grab some Hot Cheetos,” she said with a laugh.

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Webster plays top opponents

By Antonio Dean

Staff Writer

On Jan. 12 and 14, the Webster Warriors boys basketball team played two really good opponents. On Jan.12, Webster played the Titans from McLain High School. Webster was keeping up with the Titans, but unfortunately the Warriors came up short. However, Kaleb Porter, a sophomore guard, scored 17 points and Ray Hawkins, a senior power forward, scored 17 points as well.

A couple days later Webster faced another great opponent, the East Central Cardinals. The first half really wasn’t going Webster’s way but the team didn’t give up. When the second half started, the team was still fighting to keep up, but the Warriors really couldn’t capitalize on it and ended up falling behind and losing that night. Our high scorer for that game was Kaleb Porter, a sophomore guard, with 16 points.

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Lunch schedule changes

By Raveen Moye

Staff Writer

The lunch schedules at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School changed Thursday, Jan. 14 so that students in the annex get a chance to go to lunch first. The school runs two lunches, so the students in the main building got to go to lunch first during first semester.

The lunch schedule will not confuse the students because the schedule changes over semester and the change will be fair to the students, Webster Dean Mary Miller said.

The class schedule has been changed at semester for years, and the teachers didn’t think it was fair to not also change the lunch schedule, Webster Assistant Principal Dale Edwards said. It is a good idea to switch up the lunch schedule, he added. “It keeps people happy.”

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Webster’s Talent Show

By Dale Barnes

Statt Writer

On Dec. 16, 2009 Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School hosted its 2009-10 Talent Show in the Webster Auditorium.

 The show consisted of a variety of talents from poetry to drum solos. There were originally seven people to audition, but there were 10 acts in the show. Only nine were present for the talent show.

The show was all made possible by Webster’s Artist-in-Residence Avery Buyckes. “In the future I hope to work with Mrs. Mary Bennett-Thornton and Mrs. Kim Evans,” Mr. Buyckes said. The two hosts for the talent show were Artra Rice and Sam Lynch.

Contestants were:

Chapelle Roberts- Song

Angelia Edwards- Duet

Sam Tariah- Drums

 Keyonna Clayton –Song

Savanna Royal- Poem

Joanna Micklas- Poem\Song

Monte Scott- Song

Socorro Vega- Song

Avery Buyckes- Sax

Mr. Jordan- Piano

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KIPP tours Webster

By Cody Stidham

Staff Writer

About 80 eighth graders from the Knowledge Is Power Program came to tour Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School on Dec. 8. The students toured four stations at Webster: the Broadcast Center, the Student Union (where they learned about Webster’s Media Center and heard about the Webster Weekly), Webster Career Tech Teacher Linda Bingaman’s IT facilities and the Mac Lab.

The students were split into four groups based on backpacks that they got prior to coming to Webster. The backpacks were provided by the four magnet schools that the students toured: Hale, Webster, McLain and Central. The KIPP students got to keep the backpacks they received. Inside the backpacks was a brochure highlighting each of the magnet schools, a transfer request form, a pen and pencil from the various magnet schools, a highlighter from Webster High School and a one gigabyte USB from McLain.

The four tour groups were led by Webster students: 16-year-old junior Chris Little, 16-year-old sophomore Artra Rice, 17-year-old junior Alexandria Munday and 15-year-old sophomore Cody Stidham. “The students were very interested in learning about high school life,” Rice said.

The KIPP students had five minutes to spend at each station. In the Broadcast Center, Artist-in-Resident Avery Buykes allowed KIPP students be filmed in front of the green screen saying a couple of words to their school. Buykes also showed off Webster’s new top-notch equipment.

In the Student Union, Beth Turner, Webster’s journalism, marketing and graphic design magnet strand coordinator, showed off materials students can check out from the school’s Media Center and offered Webster caps as door prizes for answering questions about the Webster Weekly

In Ms. Bingaman’s room, Webster’s Information Technology Magnet Strand Coordinator Jeff Thomas and Technology Assistant Ricky Bowlin showed students a short video and a laptop they can learn how to put together.

In the Mac Lab, Webster’s Broadcasting Magnet Strand Coordinator Lloyd Wright showed off the Mac computers students can play on if enrolled in broadcasting classes.

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