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By Matthew Roberson
Staff Writer

Advisory is one of Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School’s new changes to the 2010-11 school year. This gives students 30 minutes extra on Wednesdays to be involved with reading and other fun activities. Most of the teachers and counselors have advisory groups. Seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen all have separate advisories.

“I believe Advisory is one of the best changes added to our schedule this year. Advisory prepares students for college and careers, which is what our students are being prepared for here at Webster,” Mrs. Jaccariah Johnson, the freshmen guidance counselor, said.

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Wii-Off Championship

By Austin Green
Staff Writer

Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School is hosting a tournament for the Nintendo Wii. The tournament is called the Wii-Off Championship. It is open to students and faculty at Webster. There will be weekly episodes of the tournament aired on Cox Cable Channel 20 starting in January. The players of the tournament can play in four different sports: baseball, bowling, tennis and boxing.

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Webster Students Study Hard for EOI Tests

By Cherod Swearingen
Staff Writer

Students at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School are in the process of taking the End of Instruction tests this December. Students taking the EOI tests will be pulled apart from the rest of the school to take the tests in a less noisy environment.

EOI tests are used to determine if students have mastered a subject. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are required to pass four out of seven tests, and Algebra I and English II are required to graduate from high school.

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Opinion Column: The Tattoo Debate

The former owner of Westside Tattoo has given tattoos to several customers who were under the age of 18.

By Kas Crawford
Staff Writer

The debate about teenagers getting tattoos before they’re 18 is never going to go away. There are many disagreements about when teenagers are mature enough to make their own decisions. I believe that when a person turns 16 years old and is mature enough to drive and maintain a vehicle, they must be mature enough to make their own decisions.

Jonny Lofton, a 17-year-old senior at Duncan High School, said, “I think the legal age to get a tattoo should actually be 16 because when you turn 16 most people get more freedom and are fending for themselves a lot anyway.” Lofton has only one tattoo, and it is a bald eagle on his back. He got this tattoo a few months after he turned 17. “I got mine because it reminds me of my freedom and it somewhat symbolizes what I want to achieve in life, but I think most people get them just to feel cool and fit in,” he said. Click here to continue reading

JROTC at Webster

By Kahlai Harman
Staff Writer

Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School junior reserve officer training corps, or JROTC, is in full swing with their events for the year.

Both teachers and students have been hard at work getting ready for one of the four annual parades. The first was the Veterans Day parade on Nov. 11. The students also had a ceremony after the parade in the auditorium for the veterans. Another thing that JROTC offers is color guards at football games.

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2012: The End of Days?

By Lena Jones and Keosha Nix
Staff Writers

The 2012 end of the days is clearly stated in the Mayan calendar. The actual date is December 21, 2012, and many people think that because the Mayan civilization ceased to exist centuries ago the prediction is absurd.

“I do not think that the world is going to end because I believe in God and in the Bible,” Kevin Anderson, a 16-year-old Webster sophomore, said.

You have probably heard about the famous Mayan calendar that is set to end its final cycle in 2012. This is the reason why there has been so much speculation about the event that will take place in that year. Another clue to the Mayan calendar 2012 predictions is that this date will be significant in another celestial matter. Even though the 2012 predictions are completely a mystery, it is certain that they have intrigued people around the world.

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Teacher of the Week: Randall Padek

By Curtis Ebert
Staff Writer

Randall Padek teaches communications and technology at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School.

What was your favorite subject in high school?

A: “My favorite subject in high school was playing basketball,” Mr. Padek said.

Q:  How many years have you taught at Webster?

A: “I have been teaching at Webster for 11 years,” Mr. Padek said.

Q:  What do you like about teaching?

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