Finish Strong

The Webster wrestlers won 15 matches at the Inola Tournament.

By Maria Washington
Staff Writer

Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School wrestling team competed in the Inola Tournament on Jan. 8. Coach Crow and Coach Biggins said they were very pleased with the heart and determination that their wrestlers showed throughout the tournament. They entered eight wrestlers into the tournament and won a total of 15 matches.

“Steven Gregory and Robert Stegeman both won three matches each and did an outstanding job,” Coach Biggins said. He added, “Jerry Brooks went out and executed a perfect double leg takedown into a half nelson and pinned his opponent in 20 seconds. We were pleasantly surprised with his perfect execution.”

To continue to improve, Coach Biggins said his wrestlers are starting to work harder on their conditioning. “There will be times that we will have to wrestle five matches in a day and that comes down to who is in better cardiovascular shape,” Coach Biggins said.

Coach Biggins said Kasey Venetoff wrestled particularly hard. “Kasey has only been out to practice for a short time. He has a lot of experience and is a valuable addition to our team,” Coach Biggins said. “Kasey is behind on his training this year but helped us out in the tournament by working hard and never giving up. Kasey was a good example of this year’s wrestling motto, ‘Finish Strong’.”

Webster will have a home dual meet on Feb. 3 against Memorial High School. “I would like to encourage everyone to come out to the match and watch your Webster wrestlers work to restore the pride and tradition that is Warrior Wrestling,” Coach Biggins said.

It is not too late to come out for wrestling. The wrestling team is in need of students who weigh around 115 pounds (especially freshmen). If you are interested please contact one of the wrestlers or Coach Criddle and we will get started on the future of Webster Wrestling, Coach Biggins added.

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Photo credit: Stasha Lopez.


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