Monthly Archives: February 2011

School Dance Moved to March

By Jessica Stanley
Staff Writer

The Spanish Club has decided to move its Valentine’s Day dance to March 11 and change the name to the St. Patrick’s Day dance. Due to the snow, the Valentine’s Day dance was canceled and rescheduled. The Spanish Club rescheduled it for February 18, but then decided to move it to March.

Eduardo Aguayo, president of the Spanish Club at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School, said he expects the whole school to be at the dance. Aguayo said the dance would be “extreme and exciting.” There will be lots of dancing and even a raffle at the dance, he said. The raffle prize will be a surprise, he added.

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Tulsa Public Schools Making Up For Snow Days

By Stephanie Barnes
Staff Writer

On Feb. 14 Tulsa Public Schools opened the doors again for students, after being closed for two weeks due to a snow storm. The storm started on Feb. 1 and the ice accumulated on the main roads and side streets delayed students for nine school days.

Now that students are back in school, there is concern about how the missed days will be made up, as the first day missed, Feb. 1, was the last snow day built into the school calendar. Students in Tulsa Public Schools attended school Feb. 18 and the following Monday; those days were originally a teacher professional day and a President’s Day holiday. It was also decided by the TPS District to use April 8, originally a parent-teacher conference day, as a make-up day.

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Spanish Club Comes to Webster

By Staff Writer
Joseph Gomez

A Spanish teacher and a group of Hispanic students have come together to create a Spanish Club at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School.

“The Spanish Club has really nothing to do with speaking the language, but it is mainly about bringing fun. We thought some spirit would be good for Webster,” 17-year-old Webster senior Silvia Fierros said.

The Spanish Club is more of a social club than anything; it’s meant to help Webster students meet new people and think of ideas for how to make Webster more exciting and interesting, club members said.

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Opinion Column: Freshmen Should Wear Uniforms

By Harmonie Gomez
Staff Writer

Freshmen wearing uniforms would have a good impact on Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School.

Webster Foreign Language Teacher Mary Bennett  said, “I don’t think the boys would sag if they got it to fit; the girls look really nice; it’s a lot cheaper.” Mrs. Bennett said she wore a uniform herself for 11 years.

I believe freshmen should wear uniforms because they’re already separated from the upper classmen. It’d also be easier for the other freshmen to recognize other students in their class. Also, it would make it easier for faculty to seek out upperclassmen who might be trying to skip class by hanging out in Studio A, which is the Freshmen Academy.

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Opinion Column: Against School Uniforms

By Jasmine Miller
Staff writer

In my opinion I think that school uniforms should not be allowed in school, especially high school. The reason why is because they are actually more expensive than regular clothes. You have to buy certain shirts, pants, shoes and even socks!

Regular clothes let you express your individuality. Clothes set each person different from one another. When everybody is wearing the same thing, it gets boring seeing the same colors every day.

Also, certain kids could be allergic to cotton and different materials in the uniforms that could make them feel uncomfortable in many ways.

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Opinion Column: Companies Deceive Consumers

By Kylie Bass
Staff Writer

Consumers today are influenced more to buy commercial items because not all companies are telling the complete truth. For instance, the advertisements don’t reveal what’s in the product in most cases.

Some of the advertised food is not as healthy as the advertisements claim. For example, the Snickers commercials are giving people the message that if the consumer eats the candy bar it will help them if they feel physically drained or if they are in a bad mood. Their main interest is selling products.

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Opinion column: Adoption is a Better Option

Brittani Cunningham
Staff Writer

Should you be allowed to kill an innocent child? I think abortion should be illegal. There are different options if you don’t want the baby, can’t afford it or don’t have family support.

Some people debate when life begins, however I believe it begins at conception because a death of an unborn child who is “quick” (fetus is moving) can be murder, provided there was premeditation, malice and no legal authority, according to . Even though the baby’s heartbeat begins on the 22nd day of development, according to, it is still a human and abortion is wrong. Some people get abortions throughout their pregnancy as late as 21 weeks or so.

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