Wrestling Wrap Up

Webster junior Collin McLane (right) had a record of eight wins and seven losses.

By Brittani Cunningham
Staff Writer

Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School wrestling has come to an end. Webster’s Wrestling Coach Robert Biggins said he is proud of the strides Webster’s wrestling team made despite its many first year wrestlers.

Coach Biggins said the highlight of the season for the wrestlers was winning 11 matches in a row at the Inola Tournament. The best records of this year’s season were Webster junior Collin McLane at eight wins and seven losses and Webster junior Steven Gregory at six wins and five losses.

Coach Biggins said the wrestler that stood out the most this year was one of the captains, Collin McLane. McLane worked hard and was doing well and then experienced a personal issue; through all of this adversity, McLane kept his commitment to the team and stood out as a leader, Coach Biggins said.

There was only one senior wrestler this year, which was Kasey Venetoff. Coach Biggins said Venetoff will certainly be missed. “Venetoff came in toward the end of the season and made a positive impact on not only our team but also his work ethic and determination set a positive example for everyone in the wrestling room,” Coach Biggins said. “If I could get a team full of Kasey’s we would be state champions every year.”

The wrestling season had a lot of ups and downs this year. The wrestlers got off to a late start and had trouble getting a schedule together. “The wrestlers who stayed out and worked hard found success and made vast improvements in a short time,” Coach Biggins said.

Coach Biggins said he did have one disappointment this season. “The biggest surprise of the season for me was the lack of commitment demonstrated by many of the students who came out for wrestling but ended up quitting toward the end of the season and letting their teammates down,” he said. “Wrestling is a tough sport but it is also a very fun sport that will make you a better athlete in whatever other sports that you participate in.”

Coach Biggins said he looks forward to wrestling being a seventh and eighth hour class next year. He said Kevin Crow will be returning as the varsity assistant and Rodney Williams will be returning as the junior high coach.

“With the addition of our junior high program and many returning wrestlers, we expect a season full of victories next year,” Coach Biggins said.

Junior Collin McLane (left) had the best record for Webster wrestling this season.

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Photo credit: Samantha Wixon.



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