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Webster Students Attend Oklahoma Salute to Excellence Awards

The Oklahoma Salute to Excellence in Journalism awards ceremony took place at the OK Jazz Hall of Fame on May 7.

By Carlton Gordon, Tanara Gougler and Bree Piguet
Staff Writers

Webster student journalists were invited to the Oklahoma Salute to Excellence Awards in Journalism at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame on May 7 to honor other journalists. Carlton Gordon, a 19-year-old Webster senior, filmed this honorable event and Bree Piguet, a 16-year-old Webster sophomore took still photographs. Tanara Gougler, a 16-year-old Webster sophomore, was the student reporter. The students who also attended this special event were Bria Coleman, a Webster senior and Artra Rice, a Webster junior.

Piguet said it was an honor to attend. “It was a great opportunity to support other journalists,” she continued. She said she enjoyed this event. She said that they should have this event annually, adding that she would love to attend it every year, if possible.

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Unique hairstyles

Webster senior Liz Flesher and Webster freshman Catherine Esmond show off their unique hairstyles.

By Liz Flesher and Catherine Esmond
Staff Writers

A lot of people wonder why teenagers dye their hair multicolored or cut it strangely. If you’ve ever wondered why, we’ll tell you two high school students’ stories, and maybe that’ll explain.

Liz Flesher is a 17-year-old Webster senior; this is her story: She was watching a movie, and there were a lot of people with Mohawks, and she started thinking that she might like to get a Mohawk as a hairstyle because it would be different and unique. So she started looking up different Mohawks online, and she found an awesome one and decided she wanted to get it (but she didn’t want to be that bald, so she thought that she would get one but just get her hair really short on the side). Then it came down to convincing her mom to let her get one. It took awhile, but she was able to do it. Her mom said that she needed a haircut, so Flesher told her that she would pay for hers if she let her get her hair cut. Her mom said OK. The whole time Flesher was getting her hair done, her mom was making fun of her. That is the story of her unique hair.

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Senior Farewell

By Raveen Moye
Staff Writer

Amid tears and laughter, seniors at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School will soon say their goodbyes. Webster English teacher and senior sponsor Patricia Mott, says the senior farewell is “a time when seniors get together to think about their high school years and to look forward to their lives as adults.”

Juniors and seniors will go to the event May 25. The farewell will include a slide show depicting pictures of the seniors.

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Opinion Column: Supporting the Dress Code

By Staff Writer
Glenda Beshear

It’s almost time for summer clothing, except for the students at Tulsa Public Schools. Students must abide by a dress code; if they fail to do so they must face the consequences. The consequence for disobeying the dress code could be as simple as being sent home to change, or it could be something more serious like being sent to TRAICE, Webster’s in-house suspension program, or suspended.

According to the Tulsa Public Schools’ Web site, the district dress code policy includes the following guidelines: skirts, shorts and dresses must be “of modest length defined as a maximum of six inches above the knee of the wearer or not above the fingertip of the wearer with the arm fully extended, whichever is longer.” This policy also states that if your two fingers can fully cover the straps of a shirt or dress, then the strap is too skinny to meet dress code.

Michael Crase, assistant principal at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School, said, “I don’t think it’s too much to ask of the kids to dress in a certain way that is appropriate.” I agree with him on this, it really isn’t too much to ask of students to dress in a modest way.

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Opinion Column: Dress Code Causes Controversy

Tayler Carson, a 17-year-old junior, demonstrates the “two-finger” rule for the width of tank top straps.

By Skylar Coffman

 With warm weather here, tank tops, flip flops and shorts will be big issues for the teachers at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School. However, is it really that big of a deal? Do teachers need to be wasting their time at school making sure that all the students at Webster are “up to code”?

Throughout the year, footwear hasn’t been a big issue, but now with the weather students are more likely to wear flip-flops. The rules say no open-toed shoes with any back.  Webster Principal Jim Rector said if a sandal has a back, then it meets dress code.

Really, I don’t understand what the big deal is about the kind of shoe one wears. If your toes get stepped on, it’s your own fault.

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Making Waves Across the District

By Dazmine Manns
Staff Writer

The Eco Night Magnet Celebration was held at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School on April 26. It was a night dedicated to going green. They discussed different ways to recycle, compost, protect water ways, save money and help the environment. Webster’s Green Team hosted the event in the hopes of educating and informing the public about going green.

Beth Turner, the Green Team sponsor, said, “It was a really good event.” A slide show made by Green Team Student President David Luthy and Green Team Vice President Shawn Harwell was shown. In the PowerPoint they talked about funding, service learning, basic energy audits and recycling efforts. This is the first year Webster has had a Green Team.

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Creative Writing Spotlight

(Editors note: Every time I read a piece of Joseph’s work I’m always amazed, never bored with it. His words are true they absolutely come from the heart, he has so much to say, and I love that about his work.- Harmonie Gomez)

Joseph Gomez

Lyrics to the Millions:

Major in this game you can say I’m important

Higher than the sky, lower than the dirt

I’ve been gone for a while you can call it rebirth

I’m shaped up, circled up, you ain’t nothing but a square

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