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Girls on the gridiron?

Some members of the Webster football team — shown above in a Sept. 30 game against Poteau — are skeptical about whether girls could contribute to the team’s success. PHOTO BY KEAUCHA WILSON

By Keaucha Wilson
Staff Writer

There has always been a debate over girls playing football. Some boys think it’s a man’s sport, that the girls will get hurt, and that they are too soft to play.

Anastasia White, a sophomore at Daniel Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media High School, thinks she has what it takes.

“There should be more girls playing — more variety,” she said.

White would like to be a linebacker.

Dale Edwards, an assistant principal at Webster, said he’s not against girls playing, but if it’s competitive, he has a hard time believing in it.

“They have a right to do it, but I think there is a time and place for it,” he said.

Daryl Jackson, a junior running back and linebacker at Webster, thinks other teams would look down on the Warriors if girls played.

Jackson feels the sport involves too much contact for a girl.

Robert Stegeman, a senior football player at Webster, disagreed.

“If Daryl can run some people over, I’m pretty sure a girl can, too,” he said.

Stegeman thinks other teams probably wouldn’t want to hit a girl, because they would feel bad.

“If a girl’s going to play football, she must be one ugly girl,” he joked.

Don Gibson, head football coach at Webster, declined to comment on the issue.


Warriors beat Muldrow

The Warriors celebrate on the field after winning the 2011 homecoming game Friday night. Webster beat Muldrow 32-18. PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES

By Merissa Watts
Staff Writer

Webster opened its homecoming game badly Friday night by getting two penalties in a row, but despite the rough start, the Warriors went on to beat Muldrow 32-18.

No. 16 Kyle McAnelly got the first touchdown of the game for the Warriors, and Webster also had one complete pass in the first quarter, which was received by No. 4 Jakii Moore.

Muldrow got only a field goal and one incomplete pass, bringing the first quarter score to 6-3 with Webster leading.

In the beginning of the second quarter, Muldrow got a penalty for foul language and had one of its passes intercepted by No. 21 Unique Moore-Bell.

During the rest of the quarter, Muldrow had one other penalty, two incomplete passes and only one complete pass.

Webster had one complete pass received by Moore, one penalty for holding, and by the end of the quarter, Webster had gotten two touchdowns and one out of two one-point attempts.

No. 44 Daryl Jackson celebrates a successful play during the Warriors’ homecoming contest against Muldrow. PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES

Muldrow kicked off the third quarter by using one timeout, then acquiring one incomplete pass, over which there was debate, requiring an official’s timeout.

When the teams came back into play, Muldrow scored a touchdown and made the extra point. After that, Muldrow had one incomplete pass, one penalty, and one touchdown with a successful one-point conversion.

Muldrow almost had another touchdown.

The Bulldogs had already made it into the end zone, but then they realized there were two penalty flags on the field, so the points had to be revoked.

Webster had three complete passes and one touchdown, with a failed one-point conversion.

Jakii Moore gestures to another player during the game Friday night. PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES

At the end of the third quarter, Webster was still in the lead 26-18.

McAnelly started off the last quarter by getting another touchdown for Webster. The Warriors then attempted a two-point conversion, but they failed.

Muldrow got one incomplete pass. Moore received a pass, but unluckily, Webster wasn’t able to complete another pass. Muldrow wasn’t having any luck completing passes, either, although the team tried twice.

With 38 seconds left in the game, Muldrow managed one final incomplete pass before letting the clock run. The game’s final score was 32-18.

Warriors break streak

The Warriors snapped a four-game losing streak Friday with a 42-36 victory over the Poteau Pirates. (PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES)

By Merissa Watts
Staff Writer

On Sept. 30, the Webster Warriors prevailed 42-36 in a football game against the Poteau Pirates.

With the Pirates having lost two games in a row and the Warriors having lost four games in a row, both teams were hopeful they could break their losing streaks.

It was a chilly 55 degrees as the players got ready, including the Warriors’ star players No. 4 Jakii Moore and No. 21 Unique Moore.

Webster’s defense prepares to make a stand against Poteau. (PHOTO BY KEAUCHA WILSON)

In the first half, the Pirates called one timeout and acquired one penalty, two touchdowns, two field goals, two injuries, two complete passes and five incomplete passes.

The Warriors called two timeouts and accumulated two penalties, three touchdowns, one injury, one complete pass and one incomplete pass. At the end of the first half, the score was 18-14 with the Warriors in the lead.

Webster’s cheerleaders get the crowd fired up. (PHOTO BY KEAUCHA WILSON)

In the third quarter, the Pirates hadn’t made any touchdowns, complete passes or field goals.

The Warriors made five complete passes. Three were received by Jakii Moore, and two were received by Unique Moore. Jakii Moore also made a touchdown for the Warriors with only two minutes left on the clock in the third quarter, which brought the score to 24-14 with the Warriors still leading.

A Webster player prepares to make a catch. (PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES)

In the first play of the fourth quarter, Moore made a 31-yard touchdown, and the Warriors tried for the two-point conversion but didn’t make it.

The Warriors then proceeded to kick the ball towards the Pirates.

The Pirates returned the ball and ran for the touchdown. They then were successful in the two-point conversion, making the score 30-22.

Two plays after that, Jakii Moore was injured, but he was able to continue playing.

During the next play, around 15 seconds after Jakii Moore was injured, Unique Moore was also injured, but the Warriors carried on and made yet another touchdown, bringing the score to 36-22.

With nine minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock, tension was building as the referees called one penalty on the Warriors for unsportsmanlike conduct and another penalty two minutes later.

With six minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock, the Pirates made a touchdown and an extra point, bringing the score to 36-29.

The tension grew to the extreme when the Pirates made another touchdown and extra point, tying the game 36-36.

With only 40 seconds left on the clock, Unique Moore caught the winning touchdown pass and broke the Warriors’ losing streak.

“I feel great,” Warriors Coach Don Gibson said after the game. “These are nice young men, and they fought hard.”

Warriors fall to Fort Gibson

Fort Gibson defeated Webster 48-38 Friday night. (Photo by Brittani Cunningham)

By Rebecca Mallard
Staff Writer

The Webster football team suffered a 48-38 loss in a back-and-forth game Friday night at Fort Gibson.

Before the game, one of the Warriors’ senior captains, Robert Stegeman, said the Warriors did not beat Fort Gibson last year, but they got close — the final score was 24 to 20 — and this year, they hoped to take a win home.

At the beginning of the game, the Tigers kicked the ball, and #53 Andrew Friday caught it and scored the first touchdown in the first quarter.

On defense, with the coaches on the sideline cheering them on, the Warriors took Fort Gibson down with no problem, holding the Tigers back in the first quarter with a score of 6-0.

In the second quarter, the Warriors started off on offense. Junior Garrett Griffith tried to run a play down the middle, but it didn’t work out, so on the second down, the ball was snapped, and while the boys were covering the quarterback, #12 Zaqwaun Nelson made a run for the pass.

Griffith threw a perfect pass to Nelson, and the Warriors scored their second touchdown of the game.

The Warriors switched to defense, and the Tigers were pushing their way down to the first yard when they managed to score their first touchdown of the night.

The Warriors knew they had made some mistakes, so they were bringing their heads back together as the clock ticked.

Before they could turn it around, the Tigers scored another touchdown.

By halftime, the score was Warriors 12 and Tigers 26.

The game was not over yet. Down by two touchdowns, the Warriors started off on defense, and the Tigers made a touchdown on the first snap of the game.

Going back to offense, the Warriors snapped the ball, and Griffith threw it down the field to #4 Jakii Moore, one of the senior captains, who ran it all the way for a touchdown.

With the Warriors on defense, the Tigers scored again, but Moore answered with another touchdown for the Warriors.

After the game, Coach Don Gibson said the boys gave it 100 percent, but with five turnovers, the game wasn’t going to go so well.
He said the team could have fixed some problems by executing better.

Stegeman said the guys gave it their all and never quit. He said they played “decent” but had a lot of turnovers.

Next time, they could improve by not having any mental mistakes, Stegeman said.

Keaucha Wilson, water girl for the Warriors, said she has seen some good things in the team this year.

She said they are going to be really good this year as long as they keep their heads and play as hard as they did Friday.

Wilson said Gibson is pushing the boys hard to keep their grades up, and they have been doing well at staying eligible to play.

She said they definitely are making a change from last year.

Webster celebrates Senior Night

By Antonio Dean and Dazmine Manns

Staff Writers

On Nov. 4 Webster hosted its Senior Night against Sallisaw. Senior Night was a night dedicated to all fall senior athletes. This consisted of Webster senior Samuel Taiah with the band; cross country runners Avery Leclair and Jasmine Burrell and varsity football players Keenon Ellis, Devonte Henry, Robert Ragmussen, Devon Watts, Dominique Williams, Everett Davis and Mariano Dillard. Before the game all the seniors were announced for football and cross country.

During the first half Sallisaw was able to put up 14 points. It was 14-0 with Webster trailing at the half. Keenon Ellis said, “Defense needs to play better second half.”Devonte Henry said, “I think defense could do better but so far they’re doing very good.”

In the second half the Warriors were able to rally and score a touchdown, but weren’t able to get the extra point after touchdown. At the end of the third quarter Sallisaw was able to score two more touchdowns. During the fourth quarter Webster wasn’t able to come up with any points. Sallisaw was able to score another touchdown leaving the score 34-6 with the Black Diamonds leaving with a victory.

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Webster JV Football Wraps a Great Season


Webster JV football finished their season 6-1.


By Matthew Roberson and Keeyon McGriff

Staff Writers

Webster JV football finished their season 6-1. Coach Blake Williford said coaching JV is an “exciting and good experience.”

The team’s last game was cancelled. “Rogers canceled; we had a great season, 6-1 record, so we would of loved to play that game,” Coach Williford said.

“Everybody improved over the season, we did great offensively and defensively overall,” Coach Williford said. “I’m disappointed the season went by so fast, but really looking forward to next year.”

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Webster Football edges Poteau

By Antonio Dean

Staff Writer

On Oct. 1 the Webster Warriors traveled to the town of Poteau to face the Pirates in their homecoming. From the time that the Warriors stepped on the field it was all about the defense of both teams. The score was tied at zero until the Pirates were able to kick a field goal midway through the fourth quarter.

Later in the fourth quarter the Pirates were able to keep the Warriors out of the end zone with two minutes left in the game. Poteau was able to recover the ball after a 4 and out possession with about a minute and a half. During the possession the Pirates tried a pass play which Dominique Williams picked off with 1:10 left in the game, on the Pirates 10 yard line.

The teams changed possessions and Mariano Dillard was able to punch it in for six with 50 seconds left. Again the Warriors showed solid defense by holding the Pirates from marching down the field and scoring. So after their stop, the clock ran down to double zero, leaving the game with the score 6-3.

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