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Guest Speaker

Julie Tucker-Trainum, health education and prevention coordinator for Youth Services of Tulsa, spoke at a recent meeting of Webster’s Gay-Straight Alliance. Tucker-Trainum is helping GSA gather information for an upcoming documentary about disease prevention. GSA members are working with English and broadcasting students to help school nurse Linda Calmus update the training materials she uses to teach sophomores how to prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The training is required by state law. PHOTO BY SKYLAR COFFMAN


Student organization plans bullying prevention activities

GSA members set up a table to inform Vision West Block Party patrons about the organization. (PHOTO BY ALEX DAVIS)

By Alexa Hibler
Staff Writer

Every Thursday morning before school, a group of students at Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High school meet to make their school a safer environment with Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

Serena Henry, a GSA member and sophomore at Webster, said, “It’s a place for people to feel comfortable with themselves without being worried.”

Some of GSA’s efforts include making posters and other decorations to put around the school that promote bullying prevention, especially since next month is National Anti-Bullying Month.

GSA President Gabbie Wright, a junior at Webster, is going to talk to the administration to get GSA intensely involved in Anti-Bullying Month.

GSA was brought to Webster this year by Youth Services of Tulsa, although Wright and other students tried to promote programs like GSA last year.

GSA also held a booth at the Vision West block party Sept. 17.

“Gabbie was sitting at the booth nearly the whole time. She was really into it,” said Joseph Ahlfinger, a sophomore and GSA member at Webster.

The booth was very colorful, with the GSA sign and many flyers and packets on bullying, Ahlfinger said.
GSA hopes to be involved in other activities like this.

The group meets at 8:15 a.m. every Thursday in Room 204.