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Ceremony honors 18 students

Patricia Washington helps the new Miss Daniel Webster, Courtney Asberry, with her dress as Asberry and Warrior Chief Jakii Moore prepare to leave the stage. PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES

By Shante Johnson
Staff Writer

This year’s Royal Court consists of 18 Webster students:

Miss Daniel Webster the 74th is Courtney Asberry, who enjoys movies and hanging out with friends. Her favorite subjects are history, sociology and English. Her father, James Asberry II, was the 1991 Warrior Chief.

Girls' basketball coach James Asberry, the father of Miss Daniel Webster Courtney Asberry, was Warrior Chief in 1991. FILE PHOTO

Warrior Chief the 67th is Jakii Moore, who enjoys PlayStation 3, flag football and hanging out with family. His favorite subjects are math and science.

Senior brave Jason Johnson enjoys hiking, boxing, grappling and shooting. His favorite subjects are anatomy, physiology, chemistry and EMR class.

Senior brave Robert Stegeman enjoys hanging out with family and friends and watching the Ravens play. His favorite subjects are lunch, P.E. and history.

Senior princess Jordan Williams is a member of varsity basketball and cross country. Her favorite subjects are anatomy, physiology and English 4.

Senior princess Samantha Wixon is cheerleading captain and wrestling manager. She enjoys cooking desserts and hanging out with friends. Her favorite subjects are sociology and psychology.


Matthew Friday enjoys basketball and football. His favorite subject is math.

Blake Jones enjoys graphic design and hanging out with friends. His favorite subjects are graphic design and math.

Summer Oglesby enjoys reading, writing, eating, shopping, volunteering and Facebooking.

Patricia Washington enjoys church, singing and hanging out with friends. Her favorite subjects are art and chemistry.


Austin Edmondson enjoys watching football. His favorite subject is history.

Alexa Hibler enjoys creating and listening to music, reading and writing. Her favorite subjects are science and history.

Kyle McAnelly enjoys hanging out with friends and family. His favorite subjects are history and math.

Jada Williams is an honor roll student. Her favorite subject is English.


Ciara Asberry, who is Courtney Asberry’s sister, enjoys basketball and shopping. Her favorite subjects are history and math.

Davion Brown enjoys cutting hair and repairing things. He is a member of the basketball team, and his favorite subject is math.

Aaron Nunez enjoys football and hanging out with friends. His favorite subject is math.

Kenzey Weaver enjoys being with family and hanging out with friends. Her favorite subjects are history, science and geometry.


Warrior Spirit longstanding tradition

By Brittani Cunningham
Staff Writer

For as long as anyone at Webster can remember, the Warrior Spirit has carried the lance that is handed off to the Warrior Chief during the annual Royal Court ceremony.

“The Warrior Spirit has been here as long as I’ve been here,” said Dale Edwards, former assistant principal, who has been at Webster for 44 years.

Edwards, who is retired, still comes to Webster every day and volunteers.

“Brett Coon is the person who picks the Warrior Spirit,” said Webster teacher Sharman Sanders, who coordinates the Royal Court ceremony.

This year, Coon picked Stoney Anderson, an 18-year-old Webster senior.

“I feel great,” Anderson said of being chosen.

Financial issues ended parade, treasurer says

By Brittani Cunningham
Staff Writer

Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School hasn’t had a homecoming parade in two years.

Webster’s homecoming parade was last done in 2009, said Saundra Ford, assistant principal of academics.

Homecoming was “funded through donations, and we had an account for the parade, but it got too costly,” said Cartha Coker, student activity treasurer.

Coker said it would cost $4,000 to $5,000 to have a parade for one year and have a little money leftover to start the next year.

She also said it took about $2,500 just for the Tulsa Police officers to secure the road.

A parade entry fee of $15 to $20 helped a little, Coker said.

If Webster wants another homecoming parade, it needs to “up entry fees and get donations and get it publicized that we’re accepting donations,” she said.

Shaniqua Harris, a 16-year-old Webster junior, said she would go to the homecoming parade if Webster had one. She also said she would help donate.

“Every little bit helps,” she said.

Webster should set up a homecoming committee, Harris said.

“(A parade would) be fun for younger and older kids — something to watch,” Harris said. “I think a lot of people would show up — probably half the school.”

Dance draws small crowd

By Morgan Rich
Staff Writer

Friday, Oct. 14, was Webster’s homecoming dance, following the homecoming football game.

Many students came to support the Warriors and went to the dance afterwards.

“It was a great oppor-tunity for students to hang out,” commented Rachel Boyer, a Webster freshman who attended the dance. “I just think it would have been more fun if more people showed up.”

Tickets were $5 each, and participants were required to show a Webster student ID to attend the dance.

Located in the cafeteria, the dance started at 9:30 p.m. and ended at midnight. About 60 students attended.

The dress code for the event was casual.

The dance included a DJ, strobe lights and concessions.

Students seemed to have a great time.

Everyone danced, listened to the music and hung out with friends.

“I think we should definitely have more dances! We need more exciting events at school,” said Sierra Compton, another freshman who attended the dance.

The dance was part of Webster’s homecoming festivities, which also included Spirit Week activities, coronation assemblies on Friday afternoon and a Friday night football game against Muldrow, which the Warriors won.

Warriors beat Muldrow

The Warriors celebrate on the field after winning the 2011 homecoming game Friday night. Webster beat Muldrow 32-18. PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES

By Merissa Watts
Staff Writer

Webster opened its homecoming game badly Friday night by getting two penalties in a row, but despite the rough start, the Warriors went on to beat Muldrow 32-18.

No. 16 Kyle McAnelly got the first touchdown of the game for the Warriors, and Webster also had one complete pass in the first quarter, which was received by No. 4 Jakii Moore.

Muldrow got only a field goal and one incomplete pass, bringing the first quarter score to 6-3 with Webster leading.

In the beginning of the second quarter, Muldrow got a penalty for foul language and had one of its passes intercepted by No. 21 Unique Moore-Bell.

During the rest of the quarter, Muldrow had one other penalty, two incomplete passes and only one complete pass.

Webster had one complete pass received by Moore, one penalty for holding, and by the end of the quarter, Webster had gotten two touchdowns and one out of two one-point attempts.

No. 44 Daryl Jackson celebrates a successful play during the Warriors’ homecoming contest against Muldrow. PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES

Muldrow kicked off the third quarter by using one timeout, then acquiring one incomplete pass, over which there was debate, requiring an official’s timeout.

When the teams came back into play, Muldrow scored a touchdown and made the extra point. After that, Muldrow had one incomplete pass, one penalty, and one touchdown with a successful one-point conversion.

Muldrow almost had another touchdown.

The Bulldogs had already made it into the end zone, but then they realized there were two penalty flags on the field, so the points had to be revoked.

Webster had three complete passes and one touchdown, with a failed one-point conversion.

Jakii Moore gestures to another player during the game Friday night. PHOTO BY JASIE JAMES

At the end of the third quarter, Webster was still in the lead 26-18.

McAnelly started off the last quarter by getting another touchdown for Webster. The Warriors then attempted a two-point conversion, but they failed.

Muldrow got one incomplete pass. Moore received a pass, but unluckily, Webster wasn’t able to complete another pass. Muldrow wasn’t having any luck completing passes, either, although the team tried twice.

With 38 seconds left in the game, Muldrow managed one final incomplete pass before letting the clock run. The game’s final score was 32-18.

Royal Court chosen

By Brittani Cunningham
Staff Writer

Daniel Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School’s Royal Court and Homecoming celebration is Oct. 14.

Webster will be having two assemblies and then a field introduction, said Webster teacher Sharman Sanders, who oversees the Royal Court.

Miss Daniel Webster the 74th is Courtney Asberry, and Warrior Chief the 67th is Jakii Moore.

Webster’s Royal Court also includes freshman attendants Ciara Asberry and Kenzey Weaver; freshman braves Davion Brown and Aaron Nunez; sophomore attendants Alexa Hibler and Jada Williams; sophomore braves Kyle McAnelly and Austin Edmondson; junior attendants Patricia Washington and Summer Oglesby; junior braves Blake Jones and Matthew Friday; senior attendants Samantha Wixon and Jordan Williams; and senior braves Jason Johnson and Robert Stegeman.

Weaver said she felt “great” when she was chosen as a freshman attendant this year.

“At rehearsal, I’m going to practice to prepare,” she said.

Jordan Evans was a junior attendant in 2010.

“I liked being able to show everyone that I could be girly and look pretty instead of just some basketball jock,” Evans said. “I felt great and really appreciated.”

Warriors Compete at Homecoming

By Antonio Dean and Ashley Hurlbut

Cutline: At halftime of the Homecoming game, Webster senior Everett Davis took a break from the game to be crowned Warrior Chief the 66th. Ashley Aguero was crowned Miss Daniel Webster the 73rd.

Staff Writers

On Oct. 21, the Webster Warriors faced off against the Stillwell Indians. During the first half it was a defensive half for the Warriors and Indians. In the first quarter the Indians were able to score against the Warriors, leaving it 7-0.

During the second quarter the Warriors were able to step up their game, allowing Stillwell to score only one more touchdown. Webster scored two back-to-back scores before the end of the half, leaving it 14-13.

During the second half it was back to the defense for both teams, with Webster’s backfield coming up with some defensive stops. Continue reading