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Parent-teacher conferences precede break

By Kimani Williams
Staff Writer

On March 13 and 15, Daniel Webster Digital Media and Broadcasting Magnet High School held parent-teacher conferences before the students were released for spring break.

Marsha Roper came to learn about her daughter, sophomore Natalie Tennant.

Roper said she likes the one-on-one time with the teachers, and she looked forward to seeing Natalie’s grades and what she is doing in school.

“Those areas where she needs help, I’d like to know about,” Roper said.

She also expressed the importance of her presence at the conferences.

“It’s important that I know my daughter is getting the best education,” Roper said.

“As a parent, it’s important to know that your child is getting the best education.”

Joshua Hlebasko  came with his daughter, freshman Sadie Hlebasko.

He said his concern is the students’ behavior and how the class is run.

Parent-teacher conferences are also crucial to Hlebasko “to show students that there is a caring parent.”

He likes parent-teacher conferences because they are “the best time to embarrass my kid.”

Alyssa Scott was at the conferences for her son, freshman Darnell Scott.

She said that she was there “to keep involved in my child’s education — just to stay informed on what’s going on in individual classes.”

Scott said she likes how the teachers keep her updated on school activities.