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Play Ball!

Webster pitcher Austin Green sends the ball flying toward home during a recent game against the NOAH Jaguars. Baseball season began last week. PHOTO BY MASON FRITZ


Guest Speaker

Julie Tucker-Trainum, health education and prevention coordinator for Youth Services of Tulsa, spoke at a recent meeting of Webster’s Gay-Straight Alliance. Tucker-Trainum is helping GSA gather information for an upcoming documentary about disease prevention. GSA members are working with English and broadcasting students to help school nurse Linda Calmus update the training materials she uses to teach sophomores how to prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The training is required by state law. PHOTO BY SKYLAR COFFMAN

Aiming for Success

JROTC students William Flatt (front), Ryan Watkins, Joseph Ahlfinger and Michael Williams practice marksmanship. PHOTO BY BRITTANI CUNNINGHAM

Young Artists

Alexander McDaniel concentrates on his painting as he works on a project in Laurel Coonfield’s art class. PHOTO BY STEPHANIE MARRUFO

Science Project

Monunique Smith and Corey Brown pour baking soda for an experiment in Wilfred Berlin’s physical science class. Students were learning what happens when an alkaline substance is combined with an acid. PHOTO BY CRISTAL CARRILLO

Kickin’ It

Students in Lora Reynolds’ photography classes recently practiced motion photography. Here, Courtney Waller plays hacky sack while classmate Ariana Burger (not pictured) learns to shoot stop-action photography. PHOTO BY ARIANA BURGER

In Focus

Photography students at Daniel Webster Broadcasting and Digital Media Magnet High School practiced their skills during class recently. Here, Kim Segovia composes her still-life art before capturing it with the camera. PHOTO BY ALEX DAVIS

Robert Stegeman positions lights while Carlos Ramirez models for the camera during a recent photography class. PHOTO BY ALEX DAVIS