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Previewing Webster wrestling

By Ashley Hurlbut

Staff Writer

I interviewed Head Coach James Harper about the Webster wrestling team.   

Q. Coach Harper, are you looking forward to wrestling season?

A. “I am looking forward to the wrestling season, but I want to see the football team win the championship.”

 Q. What do you think of the team for this year?

A. “I think we have a great team.”

Q. Did you have training over the summer?

A. “We had wrestling training camps this summer.”

Q. Are there any returning wrestlers?

A. “There are some returning wrestlers. Most of the wrestlers are also on the football team.”

Q. How many wrestlers are on the team this year?

A. “There are about 20 to 25 wrestlers on the team.”

Q. Do the wrestlers have to eat certain foods during wrestling season?

A. “The wrestlers have to eat healthy, and they have to watch their weight during the season.”

Q. When is the first match of the season?

A. “The first wrestling match is on Dec. 3.”

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